Hunted Offenders Eluding Surrender (H.O.E.S)

Most wanted female fugitives in the border states.

Phoenix Metro Ho

Most Wanted BurgaryPHOENIX AZ NEWS -- Metro Hunted offender (ho), Meagan Villalobos, is most wanted by US Marshals Service and police for violating her probation after an original charge of aggravated assault...

Mesa Burglary and Fraud

Most Wanted BurgaryMESA AZ NEWS -- Mesa Police Department is seeking fugitive Sunny Lyn Davis for a felony arrest warrant for Burglary. Additionally, Davis is sought for failing to appear for a shoplifting charge and providing false information. Meanwhile, the Mesa police are still looking for a brunette hottie for burglary and fraud...

Most Wanted Female White Collar Fugitive

Most Wanted Female White Collar FugitiveDALLAS TX NEWS -- Xuyen Thi-Kim Nguyen, is a female white collar criminal and has been most wanted since February 3, 2006, for failure to appear (FTA). Apparently, Nguyen was placed on home monitoring while awaiting her sentencing, but instead decided to flee her home in Plano, Texas. Xuyen Thi-Kim Nguyen was born in Vietnam and became a naturalized citizen in 1999. She speaks fluent Vietnamese and is described as having a very bad case of ugly...

Tulsa's Violent Brunette Fugitive

Violent Brunette FugitiveOK NEWS -- Female fugitive, Andrea Murray is a violent suspect most wanted in a kidnapping and assault. Murray is sought by the Tulsa Police in Oklahoma. She should be considered armed and dangerous...

Texas Fugitive from Poland, Eva Maria Malczewski

Eva Maria MalczewskiARLINGTON TX NEWS -- Eva Maria Malczewski, a citizen of Poland, was arrested on September 19, 1997 in Texas. The arrest was made based on a complaint that she had embezzled a large sum of money from a bank in Arlington, Texas, where she was employed as a teller. Malczewski has been a most wanted hunted offender eluding surrender (Hoes) since...

Fugitives featured on Most Wanted Hoes Website should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Nonetheless, always regard these fugitives as armed and dangerous, never approached or confronted any of these suspect criminals.

Most Wanted Hoes
Most Wanted Women Worldwide

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Most Wanted Hoes
Hunted offenders eluding surrender (Hoes) United States.

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Male Hoes most wanted with rewards. In some cases, these dudes have bounties exceeding $100,000.

Most Wanted Dirty South Hoes
Dirty South Hoes most wanted in the land of dixie.

West Coast Hoes
Notorious West Coast Women - Most wanted female criminal suspects.

Rocky Mountains West Wanted Women
The Mountain West States Most Wanted Hoes.

Most Wanted Border States
Most Wanted Border States Female Fugitves - Women eluding arrest in the southwest.

M-dub Most Wanted Hoes
The M-dub or Midwest Most Wanted Hoes.

Mid Alantic Female Fugitives
Most Wanted Mid Atlantic Female Fugitives.

New England Hoes
Hunted Offenders from the New England states or just "Up Top" in Gangsta.

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Male and Female Hoes who have been captured!

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