Hunted Offenders Eluding Surrender

Latina female fugitives evading arrest for crimes committed in Mexico, Central and South America:

Most Wanted Guatemalan Puta

Most Wanted Guatemalan ProstituteLATINA FUGITIVE NEWS -- An amateur Internet porn star prostitute is most wanted by the Eighth Criminal Court of the First Instance of Guatemala for organized homicide. Accused of the murder and robbery of her late husband, Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales is believed to have escaped Guatemala to the United States and is possibly residing in the metropolitan area of Seattle, Washington. This Latina fugitive is considered dangerous, and may be planning another robbery or committing extortion...

Dominican Fugitive in EU?

Most Wanted DominicanEU NEWS -- Leavy Yadira Nin Batista a.k.a. Flor Jansen Rodriguez is most wanted by the Dominican Republic for her involvement in a drug and arms trafficking organization led by her husband, Jose D. Figueroa Agosto. Just after the initial takedown of the criminal network, Nin Batista fled the country to Italy. Not to underrate this woman's malefaction, during the takedown millions of U.S. dollars and Dominican pesos were seized, with luxury vehicles, apartments, houses, and other properties. Dominican authorities confiscated at least nine vehicles including two Ferraris and an armored Mercedes Benz with $4.6 million in cash inside. Among the more lavish properties confiscated, was a ranch with a small zoo. Nin Batista was responsible for the investment of monies gained from illegal arms and drug sales...

Most wanted Guatemalan Gun Moll

Most Wanted Gun MollCENTRAL AMERICA NEWS -- Sara Cruz Mansilla, fugitive from justice is most wanted by the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala. Mansilla is considered the gun moll of Marvin Montiel Marin A.K.A. "The Taco Vendor" who is believed to be the leader of a cocaine and arms trafficking gang that allegedly tortured, murdered and then burned the corpses of sixteen passengers traveling on a bus through Central America...

Ecuadorian Female Drug Trafficker

International female fugitive Zamirna Patricia Enriquez-HernandezQUITO, ECUADOR NEWS -- Zamirna Patricia Enriquez-Hernandez, an international female fugitive, is most wanted by The Metropolitan Police of Quito, Ecuador, for illegal drug trafficking...

Peruvian Most Wanted for Grand Theft

Peruvian Most Wanted in U.S.PERU NEWS -- A Latina, Janet Mary Visutskie is most wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for the white collar crime of Grand Theft. A Peruvian national, Janet M. Visutskie has family in Peru...

Health Care Hoe

Health Care HoeFUGITIVE NEWS -- A hunted offender, Magda Luz Lavin, is most wanted by the FBI for committing health care fraud. However, this fugitive not only stole from the United States Medicare program, but also deprived HIV (+) patients of their medical treatment. The woman's criminal conspiracy was uncovered during a 2005 initiative by federal and state law enforcement in south Florida to prosecute health care fraud offenders. But after going to trial, she decided to flee when she realized she was losing her case...

Abduction - Mexican Style

Most Wanted MurderessFUGITIVE NEWS -- A Mexican mistress, Cinthya Janeth Rodriguez, is most wanted by the FBI for the abduction and murder of a businessman and Orange County court clerk. Rodriguez is believed to be chilling in Mexico with her accomplice and brother-in-law, Arturo Montes De Oca who is also a most wanted FBI fugitive. Both are considered armed and dangerous. Sadly, it is not an uncommon scenario in organized extortion / kidnapping / ransom cases for a female criminal to get close to their intended victim in order to determine whether he or she is wealthy enough to pay a ransom...

The fugitives profiled on the Most Wanted Hoes Website should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, always regard these male and female fugitives as armed and dangerous, never approached or confronted any of these suspects.

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