Most Wanted Guatemalan Whore

Illegal immigrant and amateur Internet pornstar prostitute is a fugitive for organized homicide.

December 16, 2010

SEATTLE WA FUGITIVE NEWS -- A Guatemalan prostitute, Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales a.k.a. Leticia Arroyo, is most wanted for murder of her late husband by the Eighth Criminal Court of the First Instance of Guatemala. Additionally, Interpol has issued a red notice for the apprehension and extradition of Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales back to Guatemala for trial. However, even though the Guatemalan authorities have failed to publically release a copy of this killer's homicide warrant, we do know that Arroyo-Morales admits committing murder.

Most wanted Guatemalan fugitive whore - Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales

According to Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales web blog, Arroyo-Morales escaped Guatemalan law enforcement by illegally traveling to the United States, and then claims to live in the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area. In her rambling, Leticia states cocaine is her only friend, so this fugitive will probably involve herself in illegal drug activities. Arroyo-Morales has also boasted her son, Eduardo Factor Ixcot Caceres is working in a Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Seattle. Like the mother, like the son, Factor Ixcot Caceres is also an accomplice in the organized homicide committed by Arroyo-Morales and her associates, all of which are wanted for murder. Known fugitive members of this gang or criminal organization include:

  • Dora Leticia Arroyo Morales
  • Eduardo Factor Ixcot Caceres
  • Jose Raymundo Meglar

Guatemalan fugitive prostitute - Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales

Additionally, it is conceivable that Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales may be possibly planning an extortion similar to FBI fugitive, Cinthya Janeth Rodriguez. Since her arrival in the United States, Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales has performed in amateur porn as well as opened several social network accounts. Even though Arroyo-Morales is ignorant having only achieved a third grade education, she does posses experience in turning tricks at clubs in Zona 10 in Guatemala City, so she is highly experienced at seduction. Therefore, Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales is more than capable of planning and executing an extortion.

Amateur Internet pornstar prostitute fugitive for organized homicide.

Dora Leticia Arroyo-Morales is missing front teeth, but wears a dental bridge.

Guatemalan puta Leticia Arroyo missing teeth

  • She is further described as:

  • Birth Date: October 31, 1962
  • POB: Zona 7, Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Complexion: wrinkled
  • Sex: female
  • Nationality: Guatemalan
  • Race: Latina

Dora Leticia Arroyo Morales aliases:

  • Leticia Arroyo
  • doña leti

Illegal immigrant most wanted for murder

Individuals who know the whereabouts of this most wanted Guatemalan whore, or any of her fugitive gang members are asked to contact your local law enforcement who should in turn contact ICE and Interpol.

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