MOST WANTED Rocky Mountain West Women

Hunted Offenders Eluding Surrender (H.O.E.S)

Women fugitives at large eluding arrest by law enforcement in Rockies

Utah Killer Ho

Utah Hunted OffenderUT FUGITIVE NEWS -- Lynette Ironcloud plea bargained for manslaughter after fatally shooting her brother-in-law in the chest in 2002. Convicted and released on parole, Ironcloud absconded in May 2010, and has not been seen since...

Rocky Mountain Crankster

Black Tar Heroin Dealer - FugitiveWY NEWS -- DEA most wanted fugitive, Cecilia Fernandez-Jimenez, is sought for violating USC 21 846 Conspiracy/Distribution Methamphetamine and Marijuana. Fernandez-Jimenez is also a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States and should not be mistaken for an illegal immigrant...

Most Wanted Female Fugitive Black Tar Heroin Dealers

Black Tar Heroin Dealer - FugitiveDENVER CO NEWS -- Marlene Cosio-Arenas AKA "Norma" and Rose Gabie Hernandez AKA "Maria" are most wanted by U.S. Marshals, for their involvement in a nationwide black tar heroin distribution organization. As a result of a DEA multi state investigation, called "Operation Black Gold Rush," Both Cosio-Arenas and Rose Gabie Hernandez were named in an indictment...

Manuel Soto-Pacheco Fugitive Crankster Gangsta

crankster gangstaWY NEWS -- Patricia Ann Holguin has been busted for her alleged federal drug violations, but her old man, Manuel Soto-Pacheco, is still at large. Soto-Pacheco is charged with violating USC 21 846 Conspiracy/Distribution Methamphetamine and Marijuana. Soto-Pacheco and Holguin are believed to have been part of a drug conspiracy that distributed methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine between April 2002 through March 2008 across several U.S. mountains west states...

Most Wanted Shoplifter

Most Wanted ShoplifterCO NEWS -- Carmen Angela Quintana a.k.a Carmen Angela Knowles is most wanted by a whole bunch of law enforcement after allegedly shoplifting at Wal-Mart in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Before we begin let it be known, "Nobody pulls a gun in Wal-Mart!"...

All of the Most Wanted Rocky Mountain West Women featured on this Website should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Nevertheless, always regard these fugitives as armed and dangerous. Do not approach or confront any of these individuals.

Most Wanted Hoes
Most Wanted Women Worldwide

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Most Wanted Hoes
Hunted offenders eluding surrender (Hoes) United States.

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Male Hoes most wanted with rewards. In some cases, these dudes have bounties exceeding $100,000.

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Dirty South Hoes most wanted in the land of dixie.

West Coast Hoes
Notorious West Coast Women - Most wanted female criminal suspects.

Rocky Mountains West Wanted Women
The Mountain West States Most Wanted Hoes.

Most Wanted Border States
Most Wanted Border States Female Fugitves - Women eluding arrest in the southwest.

M-dub Most Wanted Hoes
The M-dub or Midwest Most Wanted Hoes.

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Most Wanted Mid Atlantic Female Fugitives.

New England Hoes
Hunted Offenders from the New England states or just "Up Top" in Gangsta.

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Male and Female Hoes who have been captured!

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