MOST WANTED Dirty South Women

Hunted Offenders Eluding Surrender (H.O.E.S)

Women fugitives eluding surrender to law enforcement in the land of Dixie.

Most Wanted Kentucky Salon Blonde

Most Wanted Salon BlondeKY NEWS -- Kelly Michelle Jeffers is our new most wanted Kentucky Salon Blonde! After being charged and convicted of Flagrant Non Support on January 6, 2009, Jeffers was placed on probation in Harrison County, Kentucky. However, our salon blonde still failed to support her kids, and absconded on July 3, 2009...

Health Care Hoe

Health Care HoeUS NEWS -- A hunted offender, Magda Luz Lavin, is most wanted by the FBI for committing health care fraud. However, this fugitive not only stole from the United States Medicare program, but also deprived HIV (+) patients of their medical treatment. The woman's criminal conspiracy was uncovered during a 2005 initiative by federal and state law enforcement in south Florida to prosecute health care fraud offenders. But after going to trial, she decided to flee when she realized she was losing her case...

Alvarado Absconds while on Probation for Robbery and Attempted 1ST Degree Murder

Alvarados Absconds while on Probation for Robbery and Attempted 1ST Degree MurderMIAMI FL NEWS -- Taylenis Alvarado is most wanted by Florida Department of Corrections Absconder Unit for probation violation. She was originally convicted for robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, a Saturday Night Special... Utilizing information technologies to reach the general public as well as local law enforcement agencies statewide, the Florida DOC Absconder Unit reduced the total number of absconders by 11,320 or 25.67%...

Female Fugitive - Melissa L Montgomery AKA Melissa L Chavez
Melissa L Montgomery

LEXINGTON KY NEWS -- Melissa L Montgomery AKA "Melissa L. Chavez" is most wanted by Pulaski County Sheriff for her involvement in knowingly introducing dangerous contraband into a detention facility or a penitentiary...

Most Wanted Florida Junkie with a Gun

Woman FugitiveBAY COUNTY FL NEWS -- There is nothing more dangerous than a junkie with a gun. Vanzetti Nycole Evans is most wanted in Bay County, Florida. A convicted felon, Evans was last known to be living somewhere in Panama City, and should be considered armed and dangerous...

Brandi Likes Her Coke!

Brandi likes cokeBROWARD COUNTY FL NEWS -- Brandi likes her coke and she's willing to work for it. On July, 22, 2006, Brandi Latiska Archie was busted for soliciting sex and possession of cocaine in Broward County, Florida. Unfortunately, Brandi wasn't kickin' it on drug offender probation...

Christian Cinthia Gomez - Felony Probation Violation

Felony Probation ViolationPALM BEACH COUNTY NEWS -- Christian Cinthia Gomez is wanted by Florida Department of Law Enforcement for violating the terms of her probation. Gomez was convicted of organized fraud and possession of less than five grams of heroin...

Fugitives profiled on the Most Wanted Women in the Dirty South should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. However, always regard these fugitives as armed and dangerous, never approach or confront any of these suspects.

Most Wanted Hoes
Most Wanted Women Worldwide

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Most Wanted Hoes
Hunted offenders eluding surrender (Hoes) United States.

Most Wanted Reward
Male Hoes most wanted with rewards. In some cases, these dudes have bounties exceeding $100,000.

Most Wanted Dirty South Hoes
Dirty South Hoes most wanted in the land of dixie.

West Coast Hoes
Notorious West Coast Women - Most wanted female criminal suspects.

Rocky Mountains West Wanted Women
The Mountain West States Most Wanted Hoes.

Most Wanted Border States
Most Wanted Border States Female Fugitves - Women eluding arrest in the southwest.

M-dub Most Wanted Hoes
The M-dub or Midwest Most Wanted Hoes.

Mid Alantic Female Fugitives
Most Wanted Mid Atlantic Female Fugitives.

New England Hoes
Hunted Offenders from the New England states or just "Up Top" in Gangsta.

Fugitives Captured!
Male and Female Hoes who have been captured!

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