Haunting Disappearance Judith Ann Chartier

Possibility exists that DeBardeleben not involved in Judith Chartier disappearance.

December 9, 2010

NEW ENGLAND MISSING NEWS -- On June 5, 1982, Judith Ann Chartier attended a party with her boyfriend in Billerica, Massachusetts. The couple are known to have argued during the night, and Judith drove her boyfriend to his home. Judith then went back to the party until approximately 2:00 a.m., when she left the alone. Unfortunately, the 17-year-old teenager never returned to her home in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, nor has her vehicle, a 70's Black Dodge Dart Swinger, been recovered.

Haunting disappearance Judith Ann Chartier

The town of Chelmsford, approximately 4 miles from the city of Lowell, and is located on Interstate 495 of the Boston metro outer beltway. Judith Ann Chartier was employed at a fast food restaurant in Chelmsford. During the time of her disappearance family members alleged Judith was being harassed by a male co-worker. Additionally, it is believed she was afraid of this individual. However, one would think by now Judith's fellow employees would have been questioned on their whereabouts on the evening of her disappearance.

Disquietingly, the United States Secret Service notified Chelmsford Police Department that the infamous counterfeiter and sexual sadist, James Mitchell DeBardeleben had been in the town the day prior to Judith Chartier's disappearance. DeBardeleben is alleged to have murdered several brunette women over an eighteen-year span. Arrested on May 25, 1983, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Secret Service Agents searched DeBardeleben's 1971 Chrysler seizing evidence including a receipt from a motel in Chelmsford dated June 4, 1982. Other contents seized included:

  • Map of the Chelmsford, Massachusetts region.
  • Receipt from a local motel in Chelmsford, dated June 4, 1982.
  • Police badge
  • Substantial amount of pornography with several photos of women involved in sadomasochistic acts
  • Numerous license plates and fake drivers licenses
  • Prescription drugs
  • Firearms

James Mitchell DeBardeleben was known to travel most of the United States passing counterfeit bills throughout shopping malls. While Agents searched for DeBardeleben's printing press, a storage locker revealed him to be a serial sexual sadist. Evidence seized included:

  • Bloody panties
  • Cassette audiotapes of recorded torture sessions with women who begged their tormenter to stop or kill them.
  • Dildo with lubricant
  • Handcuffs
  • Photos of females, mostly sexually explicit
  • Shoelaces and a choker chain.

Additionally, during one of DeBardeleben's trials, a Secret Service agent testified that the defendant's voice was recorded on the seized audiotapes discussing his plans to make enough money counterfeiting to build a safe house with a chamber where he could torture women, and that he is the prime suspect in several murders, rapes and kidnappings as a result of the recordings.

Eventually, DeBardeleben was indited eleven times in nine states, twice for murder. DeBardeleben was convicted in six cases of rape and counterfeiting, but was never brought to trial for the two murders. Sentenced to an accumulated 375 years imprisonment, DeBardeleben will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Law enforcement authorities believe DeBardeleben's known criminal history only represent a small precent of his actual criminal activity. Of course DeBardeleben denies having ever met Judith Ann Chartier. Nonetheless, DeBardeleben was in the area the day before Judith's disappearance and she fit his victim profile. DeBardeleben may have first spotted Judith at the fast food restaurant where she worked. Furthermore, DeBardeleben somewhat varied his motive of operation, he could have stalked Judith, then while impersonating a police officer abducted her. However, DeBardeleben as to date is not known to move or hide his victims. So, if DeBardeleben had abducted and murdered Judith Chartier, her remains, or at least her vehicle should have been discovered by now. Unfortunately, neither Judith nor her Dodge Swinger has been found, and that is because both are hidden. Therefore, the possibility exists that DeBardeleben was not involved in Judith Chartier disappearance.

In the disappearance of Judith Chartier, patience will be victorious as well as virtuous. Judith's vehicle cannot remain hidden forever. Still, concerned parties need to be searching for the right vehicle. Judith Chartier could not have owned a black 1977 Dodge Swinger because the Dodge Motors Division ceased Dart production within the United States in 1976.

Lastly, if you have or uncover information concerning the disappearance of Judith Ann Chartier, please call the Chelmsford Police Department in Chelmsford, Massachusetts at 978-256-2521.

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