Leavy Yadira Nin Batista Internationally Wanted

Dominican Fugitive was last known to be in European Union

September 12, 2010

EUROPEAN UNION NEWS -- Leavy Yadira Nin Batista a.k.a. Flor Jansen Rodriguez is most wanted by the Dominican Republic for her involvement in a drug trafficking organization led by her husband, Jose D. Figueroa Agosto. According to the Prosecutor for the National District of the Dominican Republic, Leavy Yadira Nin Batista acquired capital with proceeds from her husband`s unlawful activities. Therefore, implicating her in the converting, transferring, acquiring, possessing and administering of assets obtained from crimes of drug and arms trafficking. Additionally, Leavy Yadira Nin Batista is sought by Interpol for extradition, after she fled the Dominican Republic to Milan, Italy. Dominican Authorities further confirmed that on November 7, 2009, Nin Batista boarded Air France flight 493 departing the Las Americas International Airport in Santo Domingo for Milan. Nin Batista used a Dominican passport (SN-0169708) under the name Flor Jansen Rodriguez to board the jet in order to leave the country to avoid criminal prosecution.

Leavy Yadira Nin Batista - International Fugitive
Leavy Yadira Nin Batista - International Fugitive

Not to underrate this woman's malefaction, millions of U.S. dollars and Dominican pesos were seized, with luxury vehicles, apartments, houses, and other properties, during the takedown of the Figueroa Agosto transnational criminal organization. Dominican authorities confiscated at least nine vehicles including two Ferraris and an armored Mercedes Benz with $4.6 million in cash inside. Among the more lavish properties confiscated, was a ranch with a small zoo. Leavy Yadira Nin Batista enjoyed and directly purchased many of the luxurious items with proceeds from her husband's illegal narcotics sales. Undeniably, Nin Batista played an intricate role in the transnational drug and arms trafficking organization by investing profits from the network's criminal activities.

Jose D. Figueroa Agosto was eventually captured in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by a collaboration of U.S. law enforcement. Figueroa Agosto is now serving a 209-year imprisonment for his crimes, which included homicide.

Leavy Yadira Nin Batista is described as:

  • Birth Date: July 3, 1977
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: Hispanic
  • Nationality: Dominican Republic

Even though other dangerous fugitives from the Figueroa Agosto criminal organization remain at large, Leavy Yadira Nin Batista remains the last most wanted female of the group. Currently, Dominican Authorities suspect Nin Batista is roaming in Europe. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact their local and national law enforcement. Those living within the Dominican Republic with information should contact the Sub-direction of Search and Capture of Fugitives from the Dominican National Police 809-682-2151 Ext. 2476, 2474, 2478.

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